You'll taste pain, you sick spirit..

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I think I really need help now..

And it’s never, ever easy for me to admit that. I’ve always been one to keep things under control and never want to concern people with things that have gotten at me— but this is over six months of suffering coming and I really am at my wits end.

I cannot function.

I can hardly post anymore, I can’t draw (Which is my absolute passion), and I can’t even stand up for longer than ten minutes without losing my balance and/or feeling miserable, and I’m rapidly losing vision in my left eye. I have supermassive migraines every day constantly, and as of right now no over-the-counter medicine has helped them. I’m left idly sitting depressed or sleeping the pain off, and this just won’t cut it. But I’m in between a rock and a hard place— I’d planned to move, to do all of these things, and because of my condition I have not been able to work or seek help or anything. I have been an absolute burden.

As of last night, the ER told me they ‘don’t know’ what is causing this. They didn’t see a tumor on my CT scan, but they also seemed to be shoveling me out as fast as possible— because what can you do? ER is for fixing things fast, and if they can’t look at it right away and point it out, you need to go to a specialist. They have referred me to neurosurgeons and neurologists, and gave me medication that I can’t afford to buy. (On top of giving me a new, fat debt. AWESOME.)

I know this is long and I don’t want to bore you all with a sob-story, it hurts me enough to even go begging on the internet as it is. But when I can get some kind of treatment going, I can maybe start offering art commissions again, and if anyone can help me now— know I won’t soon forget it. I would draw something for everyone, even if you guys could maybe donate a dollar to me or something. I just really, really need help.

I started a Gofundme here. I can update progress of stuff there, and it’s very secure. If you prefer paypal, I’m currently using kurumi.is.awesome@gmail.com, as for some reason paypal shut down my own. And if you can offer any insight to neurological programs or charities in the Orlando-area, please do, any help would be really appreciated.

And if you could please pass this on for me, it would mean so much. Even if my words are boring ahaha. ;; Thank you all again.

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